A Taxing Weekend

This weekend I need to do my taxes.

I have had a very busy start to the year with trips to England, China, Texas and Canada and have kept putting off my taxes. Now it is crunch time and I have to get them done this weekend before possibly heading off on another trip.

Frank Andrea Miller - Easier Taxes - Editorial Cartoon - Cartoonist - Frank Miller - Des Moines RegisterThis evening I am remembering a post that I wrote two years ago.

See: Simpler Taxes?

Did you know that the 1040 form was first used for the 1913 tax year?

The first tax returns using the 1040 form were due on March 15, 1914. At least now we have an extra month to get our taxes done.

I will have more time than normal on Saturday as it will be a rainy day. I will not be able to do much needed yard work, so should use the time wisely to do my taxes.

At least today taxes are much simpler to do. I have used the same tax software for about five years now and much of the process is automated.

The hardest part of doing taxes is always rounding up all the documents. This part is mostly done and the documents are sitting in a pile by my computer. The software for this year is also in that pile, so all I need to do to get started is load the software.

But, first a good night of sleep so that I am not tired while taking care of this important task šŸ™‚



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One Response to A Taxing Weekend

  1. Oh wouldn’t it be marvellous if taxes were indeed simpler! šŸ™‚

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