No WonderPho Dinner

Tonight my post was supposed to be A WonderPho Dinner VI.

Unfortunately, WonderPho is no longer open. When we drove by the shops across from the hotel I noticed that they looked like they were closed.

Wonderpho, York Mills Road, Closed, Restaurant Closed

Paper covered windows were not a good sign. I checked when I got to my room and according to their website they had closed. The last five times that I have come to Toronto during the last four years I have eaten at WonderPho.

Pho - Vietnamese Food - WonderPho - Spicy Food - Cuisine - Toronto, CanadaI really liked the food and also the atmosphere. Each time I had written a blog post about WonderPho, so you can see my memories by visiting the posts.

A WonderPho Dinner

A WonderPho Dinner II

Placemat Illustration - WonderPho - Vietnamese Cuisine - North York, Canada

A WonderPho Dinner III

A WonderPho Dinner IV

A WonderPho Dinner V

Popeyes, Chicken, Chicken Fingers, York Mills, DinnerInstead I had dinner at Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen tonight. You can see part of the W from WonderPho in the picture above.

Popeyes, Chicken, Chicken Fingers, Louisiana Chicken, BiscuitsI had some chicken fingers along with mashed potatoes and a biscuit. The dinner was OK, but it was a bit of a let down after looking forward to a great bowl of pho.

WonderPho was not the only restaurant that had closed near the hotel. Several other restaurants including the Wendy’s that I usually visit have closed since my last visit. At least my favorite pizza place is still open.

Now for some sleep before a busy day of teaching tomorrow.



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