Toronto Spring

Spring is slowly arriving in Toronto, but winter is still trying to hang on.

Ice in tree, Canadian spring, spring, winter, ice stormAn ice storm came through Toronto at the end of last week and on Saturday there was still ice on the branches of the trees.

Scraping Window, Cold Weather, Toronto, Spring, Season changesThis morning I got to scrape the frost off of the windows of the car before we left for church services. My friend’s oldest daughter is laughing at me since I haven’t had to do this for a very long time. It brought back a lot of memories of living in the Midwest though, so it was worth it.

tulips, bulb flowers, tulips emerging, spring flowers, torontoBy afternoon today the weather had warmed up and I spent time with my little friend having Fun with Chalk on the cement porch in front of the house. We also played in the yard and I took pictures of tulips which were starting to emerge.

There are definitely signs of spring around

Gray Squirrel, Canada, Spring, Toronto, bushy tailThe animals are starting to get more active. While eating a meal this weekend we saw this beautiful little gray squirrel on a fence post. I was able to get a quick picture before it scampered on down the fence line waving its bushy tail.

My friends were excited to see a gray squirrel as most of the squirrels in the area are Black Squirrels.

Robin, Robin red breast, tree, spring, sign of spring

It was so warm that we also decided to take a walk to the park. On the way I spotted a robin in a tree. Robins are always one of the first signs of spring, so it is definitely starting to take hold.

However, I just looked at the forecast and it looks like there is a chance of snow about a week from now.


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