At the Westin

Tonight the network at the hotel is very slow, so this will be a short post. In fact, I am having trouble getting my pictures to upload. Maybe as people go to sleep the network will speed up 🙂

I decided to share a few pictures of life on the road. When I travel I spend most of my time in either my hotel room, a restaurant or a training room.

Westin Prince, Toronto, North York, York MillsDuring my course here in Toronto I am staying at the Westin Prince.

You can find out more about the Westin Prince by looking at my posts:

Around the Westin

Around the Westin II

Tim Hortons, Canada, Breakfast, Coffee, sausage biscuit

I start out my day with a short walk to Tim Hortons for breakfast.

Tim Hortons Breakfast, Sour Cream Donut, Sausage Biscuit, Hot Chocolate

My breakfast is simply with a sausage biscuit, a sour cream plain donut and some hot chocolate.

Toronto Skyline, Westin Prince, Hotel View

Thankfully I have a nice view from my room. I can see several skylines, including downtown Toronto.

Curling, Canada, Canadian Sports, Travel

Of course, I usually have the TV on for some noise while working or reading. However, when something cool like curling is on then I have to stop and watch TV.

Now I am watching hockey highlights. Can you tell that I am in Canada?



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