Rainy Day Memories

Today has been a long day full of rain and memories. Today was also a travel day coming home from Dallas.

I had an afternoon flight so was able to drive through the area where I lived 30 years ago in the Dallas area.

Las Colinas Mustangs, Irving, Texas, Memories, SculpturesUnfortunately because of the rain and the fact that I could not find an open parking spot I didn’t get very good pictures of the Mustangs at Las Colinas. However, they do look interesting in the rainy plaza.

I have good memories of visiting Williams Square in the past and getting up close to these fascinating sculptures by Robert Glen.

Apartment, Devry, Student Housing, TexasHere is the first apartment that I lived in when I went to school at DeVry Institute of Technology in Irving. Just pulling into the parking area brought back some interesting memories of living there.

Student Housing, Apartment, Irving, Texas, DeVry Institute of TechnologyOf course I also had to drive by the other apartment that I lived in. Again memories flooded back as I took the picture.

Tom Thumb, Tom Thumb Page, Work, Cullum Corporation, Safeway, Irving TexasI also went by where I worked for most of the time I was in school there. There is a slight change in the name of the store. At the time I worked there it was Tom Thumb Page. However, the Page was dropped years ago and is just a memory.

Back then Tom Thumb Page was an independent grocery chain, but is now part of the Safeway group. As I walked into the grocery store I spotted the director of the store and went up to talk to him. I mentioned that I had worked there 30 years ago, and he said that I must have worked for the man who is now his area manager. Of course, I remembered the name and was surprised that he was still working for Tom Thumb.

The store has changed a lot but there were still a few things that were the same. I started to work there as a bag boy. Later I worked as a checker and also as a pharmacy technician. My job in the pharmacy was the beginning of my many years working in the medical field.

I made it to the airport a little early for my flight and was able to switch to an earlier delayed flight. It was a good flight with only 12 passengers. I arrived two hours early and the other passengers made it to SFO about six hours late.

Rainbow, Rain, Bay Area, Drought Buster, CaliforniaHowever, that put me back in the Bay Area just in time for rush hour. It rained on me during the drive home, but that meant that I got to see a nice rainbow. At times there was an almost full double rainbow.

Now for some sleep after a long day.



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