The Stockyards

Today I was in Fort Worth, so decided to visit to do some sightseeing between morning and afternoon church services. My friend Stacy recommended a list of places to visit, but I didn’t even make it past the first one which was the stockyards.

Fort Worth Stock Yards, Wild West, Cattle Country, stock yards, Forth WorthThere was so much to see and do in the Fort Worth Stock Yards area. Especially if you know a bit about the history of Texas and the Wild West. Plus, I worked on a ranch long ago as a cowboy.
Cross Eyed Moose, Antiques, Stock yards, Fort Worth

There were a lot of great signs around, including this one for the Cross Eyed Moose Antiques & Western Furnishing store. This was an interesting store and I might have walked out with a few things if I didn’t have to carry them home on the plane. I also visited a couple of galleries and enjoyed the wonderful smells of the western wear stores.

Cattlemen's, Restaurant, Steak House, Forth Worth, Stock Yards, Texas

I also really liked the sign for Cattlemen’s Steak House. However, I didn’t eat in the Stock Yards area as we had earlier gone for BBQ. There are some nice places that I might just have to go back some day to try.

Stage Coach, Stock Yards, Fort Worth, TexasThere were several horse drawn vehicles giving rides. I really liked this stage coach complete with driver in costume and a matched team.

Texas Longhorns, Texas, Fort Worth, Cattle DriveOne of the highlights of a visit to the Stock Yards is to see a cattle drive. Each morning and afternoon they drive longhorn cattle down the street.

It was fun to watch the cowboys bring the herd down the street. The size of the horns were amazing and you can really tell why they are called longhorns.

Watching them brought back a ton of memories of working cattle and building fence while working on the ranch.

I have a lot more pictures, so look for another stockyards post in the future.



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