March 7 Memories

There is really nothing significant about March 7 that makes me remember it tonight, but at loss for a post idea I thought I would see what I blogged about on each March 7 since I started Braman’s Wanderings.

Campirana Pizza - Chorizo, Frijoles, Jalapeños y Cebolla - Pi Day - 3.14159 - Pizza PieSix years ago I was in Mexico City and wrote a post titled Artistic Thursday. It contained some artistic pictures of food, as well as an interesting mural.

Silver Pavilion - Ginkakuji - Kyoto, Japan - World Heritage SiteFive years ago I was having some Japan Memories as I was getting ready for a trip there.

This picture of the Silver Pavilion in Kyoto was one of five pictures in the post.

Shangai Customs House - Bund - Daylight Saving Time - Shanghai, ChinaFour years ago I wrote a post Saving or Savings? which was about whether it is Daylight Saving Time or Daylight Savings Time? Do you know which one is the official designation?

The picture above is from Shanghai. It is one of several clock pictures in the post.

You can find out the answer to the question by visiting the post.

Los Colinas Mustangs, Irving, Texas, Memories, SculpturesThree years ago I was on my way home from a trip to Dallas, Texas. My post was titled Rainy Day Memories. I was having some great memories of when I lived in the Dallas area during college.

Kansas Grass Fires, Southwest KansasTwo years ago I posted about Burning Kansas. I had just flown home from my sister’s wedding in Missouri and had just learned about the devastating fires that had engulfed the county where I grew up in Kansas.

Toronto Skyline, York Mills, Westin Prince, Tim HortonsLast year I was in Toronto and posted about a Wednesday in Toronto. I don’t have the best memories of coming home from this trip as I picked up a stomach virus, but do have some wonderful memories spending time with my dear friends the next day.

So, I guess I do have some significant March 7 memories.


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