Texas Book Acquisitions

Tonight I will share a few books that I acquired while in Dallas and Fort Worth this weekend.

I visited the Half Price Books flagship store in Dallas on Saturday and was very impressed. The store was huge and I could have easily spent hours there. I could have browsed the extensive History section for hours but I was afraid I would find more than I could carry home on the plane.

Pearl S. Buck, China Sky, Book Collection, Author CollectionOne of the books that I found was China Sky by Pearl S. Buck. I have been slowly collecting the works of Pearl S. Buck and now have about 50 of her titles. It is  not often when I run across a book that I don’t have so was happy to find this one.

The story is set in a hospital in China during the Japanese invasion. The book was made into a movie in 1945 that starred Randolph Scott, Ruth Warrick, Ellen Drew and Anthony Quinn.

Jonathan Swift, Gulliver's Travels, Penquin ClassicsI had to restrain myself from buying too many books from the Penguin Popular Classics series I am collecting. I decided to limit myself to 5 although they had about 15-20 titles that I didn’t have. I am sure I can find them again.

I decided that Gulliver’s Travels by Jonathan Swift would join my collection. I really like the illustration on the cover.Martin Chuzzlewit, Charles Dickens, Penguin Popular ClassicsThere were a few Charles Dickens titles that I didn’t have but since they were thick books I decided to choose just one of them.  Martin Chuzzlewit is the oldest book on the 1001 Books to Read Before You Die list that I haven’t read so I decided that it would be my choice.

I also picked up Rob Roy by Sir Walter Scott, Tom Brown’s School Days by Thomas Hughes and The Trumpet-Major by Thomas Hardy.

I now have 59 titles from this Penguin Popular Classics series.

Happy Hollisters, Ice Carnival Mystery, Jerry West, CollectionI also found a copy of The Happy Hollisters and the Ice Carnival Mystery by Jerry West which was one of two titles that I was missing from the Happy Hollisters series. I was really excited since I was now down to only one title.

Of course, I could have completed my collection at any time by purchasing the missing titles on-line, but it is much more challenging and rewarding to find books the old fashioned way.

The Happy Hollisters and the Castle Rock Mystery, Jerry West, Books, Children's Books, Mysteries, Series CollectionOn Sunday evening I visited another Half Price Books in Fort Worth. This one was a normal size store similar to the one I frequent near the office.

I walked into the store just before closing time so didn’t have too much time to look around. Of course I immediately zeroed in on the nostalgia section to see if I could find the only Happy Hollisters title I was missing.

I was in luck as they did have a copy of The Happy Hollisters and the Castle Rock Mystery. I now have all 33 titles in the series.

I also picked up a few more books from the series that had dust jackets to replace ones that did not have them. My goal is to eventually upgrade my collection until all of the books have dust jackets. Currently only 22 of the books in my Happy Hollister collection have dust jackets.

Now that I have the complete series I can start to read through them sequentially. You may see a few posts along the way as some of the titles will bring back some good memories.

Do you have a favorite childhood book series that brings back memories?




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2 Responses to Texas Book Acquisitions

  1. I read China Sky, It’s really so great ^^

  2. My mother was a member of a monthly book club, and I helped influence her choices of fiction, especially books that became movies: e.g., The Robe; Ben-Hur; Frankstein; Mutiny on the Bounty. Also, we lived within walking distance of a public library, where I was drawn to the Classics section. I keep notebooks in which I would write down words to look up their denotations/connotations.

    Our daughter was started reading, when she was still in diapers. Darlene and I collected Disney’s Golden Books, which we enjoyed reading to her. She saved them for her daughters.

    Thanks for sharing your love for books!

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