A Great Uncle Visit

This afternoon I had the opportunity to visit my great uncle.

The class that I have been teaching ended just before noon, so I had the afternoon free to go visit him.

Chick-fil-A, Love Field, Northwest Highway, Lunch, FoodBefore heading across the city to where my great uncle lives I had to have lunch. I took a short walk to Chick-fil-A and tried another one of their selections. I am glad that they will be opening a new location close to our office soon, as I have enjoyed my visits here.

Great Uncle, Veteran, Relative visit, Army NurseMy great uncle lives just down the road (15 miles) from where I was teaching so I was able to drive there without much problem. However, I had a little fun trying to figure out where to go once I arrived. I finally found my uncle in the lobby of his apartment building.

We then went to his room and had a nice long talk.

Generational Selfie, Selfie, Great Uncle, White HairWe took a selfie so that I could send the picture to my Mom and to my cousins. Can you see a family resemblance? Most people think that I look like this branch of my family.

My great uncle had a lot of interesting stories. He spent a large portion of his life in the Army working as a nurse, but he started out his Army career as a guard on the Freedom Train. The Freedom train visited all 48 states back in 1947 – 1948.

He later spent time in Alaska, Germany, Korea, Vietnam and Japan. He told some wonderful stories of his time with the Army.

Great Uncle, Texas, Army Nurse, GenerationsAfter his time with the Army he continued to work in hospitals while living in the Bay Area. I last visited him much closer to home.

I also got to hear some interesting stories about my mother and aunts. He told me that he taught them how to ride bikes and also that he taught my mom to drive. One of my aunts would take his picture with her while searching for eggs in the hen house and would talk to the hens about her uncle who was in the army.

It was also nice to hear him talk about my great grandparents and his memories of them.

We spent almost four hours together so I heard a lot of stories 🙂

You can see another picture of my great uncle in my post Veterans Day.

Books, Half-Price Books, Dallas, Penguin Classics, Happy Hollisters

On the way back to the hotel I stopped at the biggest Half-Priced Books store that I have ever been in. It must have been six or seven times bigger than the one near my office. I was able to find a few books to add to my collections, but that is another story for another post.

Overall today has been a wonderful day, especially since I also found out that a friend had her baby today.




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