Korean BBQ

This evening my students and I went out for a nice Friday night dinner.

Koryo Kalbi, Korean BBQ, Dallas, Royal Lane, Korean CuisineWe had our dinner at Koryo Kalbi which serves Korean BBQ along with other Korean dishes.

Koryo is one of the various names for Korea as a whole and Kalbi basically means meat marinated in soy sauce.

This type of BBQ is a typical end of work week treat in Korea, so we followed that tradition here in Dallas.

Korean BBQ, Small Plates, Korean CuisineHere are some of the banchan or small plates. These are to be shared by all and they have a wide range of tastes and textures. Another entire post could be written about types of banchan. For this meal I think that there were about 8-9 different items.

Charcoal Fire, Korean Grill, Korean BBQ, Meat, Korean CuisineIn this picture you can see the charcoal fire that is placed below the bbq grill. This is actually an interesting picture as you see two containers of charcoal. There were two grills on our table and they brought the two containers in stacked on top of each other. They then transferred the top one to the other grill.

OK, I know that you want to see the meat that is being grilled. Here it comes.

Korean BBQ, Koryo Galbi, grilled meat, Korean Food, Korean Cuisine

Not all the meats are shown here, but we had short ribs, marbled rib eye, beef brisket, pork neck, pork belly and sliced duck meat.

The meats were cooked on the grill and then  when they were ready we removed and ate the different pieces. The larger pieces of meat were cut by scissors into bit sized pieces that could easily be picked up by chop sticks.

Korean BBQ, short ribs, lettuce leaves, korean cuisineOne of the traditional ways to eat the BBQ is to wrap the pieces of meat in lettuce. You can add sauces or items from the banchan to the wrap. However, I like to eat the meat by itself so I only ate a little bit of it this way.

I could share many more pictures, but wanted to keep this a simple post.

I enjoyed the dinner. I was temporarily transported to Korea during the meal as it could easily of taken place there based on the authenticity of the food.

I do however now look forward to my next trip to Korea and the wide variety of cuisine there.


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