Veterans Day VIII

This Veterans Day I am remembering my Great Uncle Fred.

Great Uncle, Army, Army Nurse, MemoriesMy Great Uncle Fred enlisted in 1948 at the age of 17 just after the end of WWII. He was assigned to the Freedom Train and was able to see all 48 states as the train toured the country displaying the Bill of Rights, the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence.Uncle Fred, Uniform, Military, Army NurseFred then saw the world as he served as an Army nurse for 33 years serving in Germany, Japan, Korea and Vietnam. Great Uncle Fred could still wear his original uniform when he was in his early 80’s and would wear it to parades and other events.

Uniform, Flag, Military, Army, HonorMy Great Uncle Fred passed away earlier this year in January. We had a great memorial service for him the first of March and it was good to hear more about his life of service to our country then. There were many Precious Memories shared that day.

Rifle Squad, Military Honor, Honor SquadI know that tomorrow will be a tough day for his family, as this will be the first Veterans Day since his passing. Please keep them in your prayers.

Great Uncle, Texas, Army Nurse, GenerationsTonight I am remembering my last visit with him during a trip to Texas back in 2016. He insisted on walking me out to my car as he saw me on my way, and this was my last view of him. It had been a good visit full of stories of his life of service to our country.

See: A Great Uncle Visit

Lots of memories tonight of my Great Uncle Fred and also other family members who have served our country. You can find my other Veterans Day posts by using the search box or clicking on the following link: Search for Veterans Day posts


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1 Response to Veterans Day VIII

  1. Jim Braman says:

    I just read about your great uncle Fred who was an Army nurse. We have talked before but I had a phone meltdown and lost track of you for awhile.

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