Around Taipei

Tonight I was thinking about a trip that I took to Taipei about six years ago. This was several years before I started this blog and at that time I would post a Picture of the Day on Facebook. Here are some of my Pictures of the Day that I posted during the trip.

Taipei 101 - Taiwan - 2nd Tallest Building - Twilight Picture, Sun-Yat-SenI will add what I wrote along with the Picture of the Day to each of the pictures I post.

Taipei 101 towers over the city. This shot was taken at twilight, in misty weather, from the grounds of the Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall. Taipei 101 is the second tallest building in the World, and was the tallest until just recently.

Taipei 101 is no longer the second tallest building in the world. Now it is number eight on the list and will soon drop even further. One of the buildings that is now taller can be seen in my post A Tall Trio.

Taipei Hands Sculpture - Clasped hands - Large Sculpture

Sculpture of folded hands in Taipei.

This sculpture really makes me think. It can have several different meanings.

I have tried to find out more about this sculpture but have not had any luck. The sign was in Chinese so don’t even have the name of the sculpture.

Since then I have found out the name of the sculpture. The name is ‘Close’. The sculpture is supposed to represent convergence. To me however, this picture has always meant something else. To me this sculpture represents contemplation and prayer. See my post titled Hands.

Stinky Tofu, Shilin night market, Taiwain, Taepei

Shilin Night Market – Anyone up for some Stinky Tofu?

I will spare the details as to how it was prepared.

The Shilin Night Market was amazing. So many food choices and you could find all kinds of interesting things for sale. The Stinky Tofu was interesting and something that I would like to have again someday. It has a unique taste.

Shenkeng Tofu Street, Taipei, Taiwan, Food, Culinary Tourism

Shenkeng Township is the Tofu Capital. This street is known as Shenkeng Tofu Street. We had a great meal tonight with a special type of tofu from Shenkeng. It is a yellow tofu and has a distinct taste.

I was thinking of this place a couple of weeks ago and trying to remember the name. I have some very good memories of the meal that we ate that nigh. Not only was the tofu really good, but we also had some nice fish.

The street was very nice to walk on as the architecture was from times past. You felt like you had gone back in time while walking down the street.

Lanterns, Lukang Mazu, Taiwan, Taipei, Temple

Lanterns at the Lukang Mazu Temple. Mazu or Tianhou is the Goddess of the Sea in Buhdist culture. Lukang is on the Western shore of Taiwan.

My colleagues took me to visit a famous temple near Taipei. The lanterns caught my eye, but the street food pleased my taste buds. We tried several interesting items in the area around the temple.

Now for some sleep. I took me almost two hours to get home from work this evening because of a major accident on the Altamont.

Which of the pictures above is your favorite?


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