Books about Flying

Tonight I will share some of the books I have that are about flying.

Airfield, Flying, Women Aviators, AviationI will start with a few books that I recently acquired. Airfield by Jeanette Ingold is an interesting story about a young girl who hangs out at the airfield run by her uncle. This story about Beatty takes place in the early 30’s in the early years of flying and looks to be a great depiction of those early years.

When A Girl’s Dream Takes Wing, Nothing Can Stop Her….

This book reminds me of a post the I wrote about Harriet Quimby who was the first woman to get a flying license from the Aero Club of America.

The Wrong Stuff, Phil Scott, Flying, Aviation, FailureAnother recent acquisition was The Wrong Stuff? Attempts at Flight Before (& After) the Wright Brothers by Phil Scott. This book looks at flying machines that failed in the quest for men to fly.

The Wright Brothers, How they invented the airplane, Newbery Honor Book, Russell FreedmanI read The Wright Brothers: How They Invented the Airplane by Russell Freedman as part of my Newbery Challenge. I also featured this picture in my post National Aviation Day and provide more information about the book.

"We" - Charles A. Lindberg - Putnam and Sons - 1927 - Eighth impressionHere is another interesting book in my collection. “We” by Charles A. Lindbergh was about his early life and his famous solo flight across the Atlantic.

See Saturday Book Acquisitions for more about this book.

The Boy's Story of Lindbergh the Lone Eagle - Boy' Story Series - Charles Lindbergh - Old Book - BiographyThe Boy’s Story of Lindbergh the Lone Eagle is another book I have about Charles Lindbergh. I have a little more about this book in my post A Basket Full of Books.

Tom Swift and His Flying Lab, Victor Appleton II, Grosset and Dunlap, Tom Swift Jr.I thought I would add this book in for fun. Tom Swift and His Flying Lab by Victor Appleton II is part of the wonderful Tom Swift Jr. series. I really like these books. It is interesting to see which technologies talked about in the series actually came to be and which ones didn’t.

Now for some reading 🙂


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