Illustrating Jehu

Tonight I was Walking and Listening to the Bible. I am very far behind on my goal to listen to the entire Bible while walking before the end of the year. In fact, I am only one book further along than what I was in February.

It is not for lack of walking, but I either forget my earphones or am somewhere overseas and don’t have connectivity with my phone to download the chapters while I walk. Maybe I need a different app.

Tonight I started listening in 2 Kings chapter 9. This chapter is about Jehu being appointed King of Israel.

Jezreel Valley, Jehu, Ramoth Gilead, JezreelThe chapter starts with Elisha going to Ramoth-Gilead to anoint Jehu. I have not been to Ramoth-Gilead, so do not have any pictures to illustrate it. However, I do have a picture taken from Jezreel looking out over the Jezreel Valley in the direction that Jehu would have been coming from Ramoth-Gilead.

I can just imagine King Joram looking out and seeing a small moving object far down the valley. Can you imagine what this view would be like on a clear day? Now King Joram would not have had a nice pair of Zeiss binoculars like I had with me, but he still would have been able to see Jehu coming when he was still far away. In fact, he had time to send two horsemen to meet him and also to prepare his chariot and meet him before he reached Jezreel.

King Joram along with King Ahaziah of Judah met Jehu near Naboth’s Vineyard, which I wrote about last month. King Joram was killed there and his body was thrown on the ground in the vineyard.

Tel Megiddo, Armageddon, Israel, Steps to GateKing Ahaziah fled and was pursued by Jehu. He was also shot and died at Megiddo where he fled. Shown above are steps up the slope of Megiddo near the gates of the city.

Ruins at Samaria, Jehu, Old Testament, ArchaeologyJehu then returned to Jezreel where Jezebel was thrown down and killed. Jehu then had all the descendants of Ahab killed and went to the capital city of Samaria. Here are some of the ruins of Samaria. You can see from the background that it is in the hill country.

8th Century BC toilet, Tel Lachish, Desecration, shrineIn Samaria Jehu destroyed the house of Baal and made it a latrine. II Kings 10:27

In the picture above is a toilet they found at Lachish where a gate shrine was made into a latrine. See: The Lachish Latrine

Worship Site at Tel Dan - Golden Calf - Jeroboam - AltarJehu wiped out Baal in Israel, but he did not destroy the golden calves that were in Bethel and Dan.

Here is where the golden calf stood at Dan. The metal structure is an outline of what the altar before the calf may have looked like. The calf would have been on the flat spot above the altar.

I also just noticed that in the post that I wrote in February about Walking and Listening I was listening to I Kings 11 where the golden calves were set up.

I really enjoying listening to accounts in the Bible that take place in locations that I have been to. It is like listening in color vs. black and white 🙂

Now to get out and walk more while listening. Maybe I can make it through a few more books before the end of the year.






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