First Trip to India

Tonight I was looking for a post idea so I grabbed a random packet of pictures from my film camera archives.

The pictures in the packet were from my first trip to India back in the late 90’s. There were some very interesting pictures 🙂

Bangalore, India, 1990's, Old Car, Car and DriverHere is one of the first pictures that I took. This is the driver who was waiting for me at the airport in Bangalore.

For people who fly into Bangalore today you have a very different experience at the airport than what I had that day. At that time the airport was in the downtown area and there were very few flights. In fact, the entire plane full of passengers pretty much disappeared immediately and very few even claimed baggage. I was the only non-Indian on the flight from Madras and I think most of them were just on short business trips.

After picking up my bag I walked out and saw this young man holding a sign with my name on it. There were maybe four cars in the parking lot of the airport.

The driver took me to the Atria Hotel which is where I stayed for my first two nights in Bangalore.

Bangalore, India, Bengalura, Goat HerdOn the way to the hotel we passed a herd of goats right in the middle of the city. I was thinking of this picture last Sunday when I was in a traffic delay caused by a Herd of Sheep.

Cow in Street, bangalore, India, Bengaluru, Sacred CowHere is a street scene from the next day when I visited our office in Bangalore. You can see a cow walking down the middle of the street totally unattended.

It is also interesting to see the cars that are in the street. The cars are much more modern now than they were then. Did you notice how old the car looked that picked me up at the airport?

At the time Bangalore had a population of around 5 million. It was amazing to me that there were animals wandering or being herded through the middle of a big city. There were also many bullock carts transporting different materials through the streets.

Bannerghatta National Park, Lion, tiger, Bangalore, IndiaWe also visited the Bannerghatta National Park which has a safari park. We drove through the park in an old bus with bars on the windows and saw lions and tigers. Some of them were quite close to the bus and we had to stop once to wait for an angry tiger to get out of the way. You should have heard him roar. In the picture above you see a lion resting by a huge tree.

Bannerghatta National Park, elephant, India, Bangalore, Bengaluru, 1990'sThey also had a zoo which included elephants. I think I have a better picture of me with one of the elephants, but I couldn’t find it tonight. Since I collect elephant figures it was nice to get up close to an elephant.

I think back as to how much different Bangalore was at that time. There were very few non-Indians in the city. Everywhere that we went I was usually the only white person. It is very much different today as the airport has hundreds of flights arriving from all over the world each week.

It has been quite a while since my last trip to Bangalore and I am sure that it has changed even more since that time.

Did any of you visit India before the year 2000? What did you think?


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5 Responses to First Trip to India

  1. I have never been but I can tell you I loved these photos.

  2. Didn’t visit India before 2000, but have visited at least 10 times from 2003-2015. Basically, Agartala (5 times), Calcutta, Siliguri, Darjeeling (5 times), and then the Golden Triangle in 2014!

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  5. Deepak Singhal says:

    Loved your post Steve… it has changed a lot now. Plan another trip…😎

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