Wandering Again

Earlier this week I wrote a post about The Next Wandering. At that time my next trip was to be a trip to Shanghai. Just a few days later that trip is now third in line.

Packing, Suitcase, Clifford the Big Red SuitcaseTonight I will be flying to Glasgow, Scotland and then wandering down toward London for a flight back home on Christmas Eve. I will not have any time for sightseeing on this trip as it is all business. However, I will get a few glimpses of what is around me as I travel between customers.

So, I am applying the Packing Formula and am almost ready to go.

Santa Hat, Travel, Scotland, EnglandI am taking along a hat to keep my head warm as this will be the furthest north (55°51′N) I have been with the exception of sitting on the runway in Anchorage. Previously the furthest north I had been was Edmonton on September 11, 2001.

The furthest south I have been is Paradise Harbor in Antarctica at 64°49′S.

Charging, packing, DevicesOf course packing also includes making sure your data devices are all charged up.

Travel Books, Reading, Travel, Long FlightOf course, picking a few books to read on the trip are important. These two books have been living in my carry-on and have been on several trips already. Maybe this will be the trip where they are finished 🙂

Orange Slices, Trip Snacks, Long FlightOf course, snacks for the trip are also important. I usually take along some Orange Slices and M&M’s. On this trip I also have a few packages of shortbread since I am heading to Scotland.

Now to finish those last minute tasks and head to the airport.



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