Veterans Day IV

Now it is time for my annual Veterans Day post.

In the last 24 hours I have shared my previous Veterans Day posts on Facebook, so will also list them here.

Veterans Day

Veterans Day II

Veterans Day III

For this post I wandered back through a file of family pictures to find more pictures of family members in uniform.

Veterans Day, Uncle Jr. Harry Strasil, MilitaryThis picture is of my uncle Harry Strasil who was married to my dad’s sister. I know him as Uncle Junior. The back of the picture says that he is at home getting ready to head back to camp.

Uncles, Military, Germany, Veterans DayHere is a picture of my dad’s two brothers. They were both stationed in Germany at the same time and were able to get together for this picture. You can find more pictures of them in some of my other Veterans Day posts.

Veterans Day, Veteran, Vernon Cochran, cousinsIn this picture are two of my Grandmother’s cousins. The man in uniform is Vernon Cochran.

Veterans Day, Military, Man in Uniform, Dress UniformI think that this is Vernon in a dress uniform. The picture did not have a caption. Perhaps I will find out more information from my dad. If so, I will add it her.

I really like this dress uniform. I am curious as to the insignia and the medals on the uniform. Perhaps one of my readers can let me know more about them.

As always on Veterans Day I think about the many men and women who have served our country.


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3 Responses to Veterans Day IV

  1. George says:

    Hello Sir,
    I enjoy your blog.

    I can shed a little light on the insignia on Vernon’s uniform. He was in the Infantry, same as me. His MOS, military occupational specialty was Infantry. He was a member of the 8th Infantry Division. I would guess when they were stationed in West Germany. The braided rope on his right shoulder is an Infantryman’s rope. Only Infantry can wear it. The braided rope on his left shoulder is a unit citation. His rank was E-4, Specialist 4th class. The two badges on his left-hand pocket are a Marksman qualification badge, and a sharpshooter qualification badge. Can’t make out the weapons that he qualified on, but could be rifle, grenade, pistol, bayonet. The little tabs suspended below the badges designate which specific weapon he qualified with for that particular badge. The Infantry crossed rifles, round insignia on his lapel, is backed by a light-blue disc, that incidentally is the same color as the Infantry rope on his right shoulder. Light-blue is the color for Infantry.

    I served in the Cold War era in the Infantry. I have a link to my old units webpage on my blog. You can check-out a link to my unit on my own blog that I write about cycling and fishing:

    I don’t recognize the unit crest, off-hand, located on the tabs on his shoulders. You ought to find it by searching for U.S. Army unit crests. Been 30 years since I was in, so my memory is a little faint. LOL!

    Hope this helps. Thanks for the posts about veterans. Keep writing. I enjoy your work.
    Okie Gravel Rider

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