Veterans Day V

Tonight is the time for my annual Veterans Day post.

This is the fifth Veterans Day since I started my blog. I will add links to the previous posts at the end of this one.

This year I will share pictures of three of my uncles in uniform.

Veterans Day - Howard Braman - Vietnam - Germany - Korea - VFW - DAVHere is my Uncle Howard who is my father’s oldest brother. For more about his service to our country see my post Veterans Day II. In the post I share pictures from his memorial service.

Veterans Day 2014, Veteran, Germany, Vietnam, Army, Army UniformHere is my Uncle Chester who was the second oldest in the family. My father is the third oldest. One of the things that I find interesting is that both Howard and Chester served in Germany at the same time. There is a picture of them together in Veterans Day IV.

Veterans Day, Uncle Jr. Harry Strasil, MilitaryHere is my Uncle Junior. He was the husband of my father’s younger sister Sylvia. Uncle Junior served in the Navy Seabees. In this picture he is home on leave and is getting ready to go back to camp.

Uncle Junior, DAV, Disabled Veteran, Funeral, Graveside ServiceHere is a picture of my Uncle Junior that I took at my Uncle Howard’s memorial service.

My Uncle Junior passed away earlier this year. I wrote a tribute to him in Remembering Uncle Junior.

We owe a great thanks to Veterans like my three uncles who have helped secure our country.


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