Off to Longer Days

This is a time of year when I like to get away to where there are longer days. Having to drive home in the dark is not fun after a long day of work.

The next two weeks will find me walking back and forth to work in the wonderful sunlight. However, sometimes it might be liquid sunshine.

Summer in Australia - Summer Down Under - Australian ParkHere is a typical scene from the area near the office I will be teaching my courses at in Australia.

The days in Australia are getting longer while the days here are getting shorter. One year I was in Australia during an equinox. I left California in the summer, arrived in Australia in winter. It then turned to spring there and I arrived back home in the fall. See: Four Seasons

Fall Leaves, San Ramon, Fall Color, Autumn, Red and Yellow leavesOn this trip I am leaving California in fall. The trees are just starting to change color here.

Bee Daisy - Sydney Daisies - Red Daisies - Bee pollination flowersI will arrive in Australia where it will be spring. I am sure that I will see a lot of spring flowers and busy bees pollinating them.

Laughing Kookabura - Dacelo novaeguineae - Giant Kingfisher - Kookaburra Tail FeathersI plan on taking some long walks in the parks near where I am staying. Since the days are longer I will have daylight to take pictures.  I hope that I will get some more good pictures of Kookaburras. I took this one during a trip there last February. See my post: Laughing Kookaburra

Sydney Harbour - February 2014 - Winter Olympics Sochi - Winter Olympics in SummerThe long days will also allow me to take trips into the city when there is still light to take pictures. Perhaps you will see more pictures of the Sydney Opera House during the next couple of weeks.

I may not have a post tomorrow, it depends on how tired I am when I arrive.



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