Veterans Day VI

Today, November 10, was a day off for many government employees. This year November 11 falls on a Saturday so Veterans Day is observed on Friday. However, it seems that the actual observation is not consistent.

I did receive mail today, so the postal office is only closed on Saturday. The library was closed today and also tomorrow, so they observe both days. I didn’t get a newspaper, but that is probably not related and just poor service. We do not get a day off for Veterans Day at work so the day falling on a Saturday makes no difference.

WWI Veteran, Veterans Day 2014, 168th Infantry, FranceVeterans Day is a day when we remember those who have served our country in the military. Today this includes all veterans, but November 11 was initially only set aside to honor those who gave their lives in World War I. The picture above shows my Great Grandfather’s cousin in his World War I uniform. For more about his service see: Veterans Day IIIVeterans Day - Howard Braman - Vietnam - Germany - Korea - VFW - DAV

The day was originally observed as Armistice Day and was the anniversary of the Armistice that ended World War I. During World War II a movement began to expand the observance to include all veterans. In 1954 the day was changed from Armistice to Veterans Day.

Veterans Day 2014, Veteran, Germany, Vietnam, Army, Army UniformThe date of Veterans Day has also changed over time. Starting in 1971 the observance of Veterans Day was moved to the 4th Monday in October after the signing of the Uniform Monday Holiday Act by President Johnson in 1968.

Veterans Day 2012 - Great Uncle Fred - Freedom TrainThe date change for Veterans Day was not popular and in 1975 an act was passed, and signed by President Ford, that restored the November 11 date starting in 1978.

Veterans Day, Uncle Jr. Harry Strasil, MilitaryThe pictures in this post, with the exception of the first one, are of uncles or great-uncles who are Veterans. You can read more about them by visiting my previous Veterans Day posts listed here:

Take some time on Saturday to remember our Veterans.



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