A Walk around Downtown

On Thursday this week I took a day off from work.

Goodyear tires, new tires, Pontiac G6 GXPThe primary reason for taking the day off was to get new tires for Old Blue. I also needed to get an alignment so knew that it would take all morning. I read almost an entire book while waiting for my car. A nice relaxing morning.

Since I was taking the entire day off, I also scheduled a hair cut which took me downtown in the afternoon. After the hair cut I took a nice long walk around downtown.

Tracy Firefighter Memorial, Firefighter statue, Tracy Fire DepartmentI always like to take a picture of the Tracy Firefighter statue when I am downtown. I like the way that the sun was lighting up the statue when I took this picture.

Tracy Grand Theater, Tracy California, Old Theater, Art Deco TheaterI took several pictures of the Tracy Grand Theatre as I walked by. I need to share more pictures of this restored theatre. The entry way and marque is from the Art Deco period and is very beautiful.

Tracy, California, Thai Cafe, Tracy Thai CafeI also took a picture of the Thai Cafe. I am not sure when they renovated the exterior of the building, but it looks really nice. Now I am hungry for some Thai food.

Harvest of Progress, Large Statue, Tracy, California, Railman, FarmerI also took a picture of the Harvest of Progress sculpture that is in a traffic circle by the Tracy Transit Center. The sculpture is of a farmer and a railroad man and represents the two main influences on early Tracy. You can learn more about the sculpture by visiting my post: Harvest of Progress

Now to finish my presentation for my class on Sunday morning and get some sleep.




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