On to the World Series

Although I live in California and the nearest Major League Baseball team is the Oakland A’s, the team of my heart remains the Kansas City Royals.

I have been been a Kansas City Royals fan since I was 10 years old. It was then that I played Little League Baseball and played for a team called the Royals.

Little League Baseball - Ceramic - Baseball Uniform - State Farm Insurance - Birthday GiftOur team was sponsored by State Farm Insurance. Today my insurance is with State Farm and my favorite team remains the Royals. Don’t underestimate the value of sponsoring a youth sport team, the kids will remember who sponsored them when they are adults.

Throughout the years that I lived in Kansas City I would go to Royals games with friends and would always have a great time. I had a friend who had tickets just behind the visitor’s on deck circle and it was always great to go with him.

The rain delay in the game tonight brought back memories of huddling beneath a rain coat with my girlfriend during a rain delay.

KC Masterpiece, BBQ Sauce, Kansas City, Royals, Baseball, World SeriesI am hoping that during the World Series that there will be four KC Masterpieces and that they will win the series.

Baseball Tour, Town Team Baseball, Iowa, Hamburg, Summer BaseballI just ran across this picture that I used in one of my Hamburg Baseball posts. See also Hamburg Baseball II.

This was the end result of the Toronto/Kansas City series this year. The Royals won four games and lost two games. Of course the headline here was about several teams from Hamburg, but it caught my eye. I would be happy with the same result in the World Series.

Baseball - Little League Baseball - Bench Warmer - Baseball Dugout - Baseball MemoriesIn any case, I am having a lot of Baseball Memories tonight.  Including the picture above where I was in my usual position during Little League. I spent a lot of time on the bench 🙂

I am also having memories of working for the Omaha Royals when I lived in Omaha years ago. It was a fun part time job.

OK, enough wandering through my thoughts.

Now to get some sleep after a long week.




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2 Responses to On to the World Series

  1. I was going to say that living in Iowa as young lads we had to pick a MLB team from another state since Iowa didn’t have a MLB team. I see you must have lived in Kansas City. I chose the Yankees as my fav team, and of course that was during the Mantle, Maris, and Yogi Berra era. Love your posts. tc

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