Little League Baseball

This evening I was leafing through my Grandma’s scrapbooks looking for an image to illustrate a post. I was not able to find the image that I wanted, but did run across something else that got my mind wandering. It has actually wandered beyond even what I am going to post tonight, so this one may have a follow-up.

Here is the clipping that started my mind wandering in a different direction.

Frank Andrea Miller - Editorial Cartoon - Little League Baseball - World Series - Summer Games - Baseball - America's Pastime

I have been following the Little League World Series in the sports page each day. The tournament ended yesterday with a team from Japan beating a team from California to win the championship.

I really like the caption of this great editorial cartoon by Frank Andrea Miller:

We Didn’t Have Little Leagues When We Were Kids … But We Sure Had Fun

Little League Baseball was founded in 1939 and didn’t spread country wide until about 1950, so the readers of the Des Moines Register would have been able to identify with this statement when the cartoon was published in 1958.

This brought back memories from when I was a kid playing Little League baseball. I have some pictures that I may share in a future post 🙂

Even though I played in an organized league, I also remember playing baseball and softball just like this cartoon depicts.

Some of the individual images in the cartoon also bring back memories of playing softball at Summer Camp.

Although we already were divided into teams, we would always toss the bat to see who would take the field first and who would bat.

I remember one field we played on that was right by a field with cows in it. We would have to be careful when we retrieved foul balls.

We would also play with kids of all ages and with both boys and girls. We had a lot of fun!

What are your baseball memories?


p.s. If this post brought back some good memories, you may enjoy some of my other posts about Frank Andrea Miller’s editorial cartoons.

Click on the  following link: Frank Andrea Miller Cartoons

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9 Responses to Little League Baseball

  1. Elle Knowles says:

    We always played at the Scout Hut which was a block of beautiful trees and kept up grass in town with an open field large enough to play ball in. I never have figured out why it was called the Scout Hut and today it is called Fuller’s Park. Boys and girls both played and I always thought I was the best of the girls – but was I?

  2. Sheryl says:

    Williamsport, the town where the Little League World Series is held, is located about 20 miles from McEwensville. So one of the memories is how exciting it was when I was a child and people from all over the world were coming to central Pennsylvania for the World Series.

  3. I enjoy baseball a lot more now that I am not the one who gets chosen last and sent out to center field (where the real fielders could cover for me.) We watched several of the Little League World Series games this year, too. My favorite baseball memories are the ones I’m making now, crocheting and watching the Colorado Rockies with my 88 year old dad. Loved this post and the cartoon!

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