Mountain Born

This evening I picked up four more Newbery Award winners from the library. I have already finished reading one of them as it was only a little more than 100 pages.

Mountain Born, Elizabeth Yates, Nora S. Unwin, Newbery Award Winner, Newbery Honor BookMountain Born by Elizabeth Yates was a Newbery runner-up in 1944.

I really enjoyed reading this story about Peter and his pet lamb. The book is set in the Rocky Mountains. The story spans multiple years as Peter grows up while learning how to be a shepherd and interacting with the lamb that he helped save.

Elizabeth Yates, Nora S. Unwin, Newbery Books, Rocky Mountains, Shepherd, LambThe book is illustrated by Nora S. Unwin. You can see several of her illustrations on the covers of the book. Unwin also illustrated Amos Fortune, Free Man and many other books that were written by Elizabeth Yates.

Amos Fortune, Free Man was the Newbery Medal winner for 1951.

Shepherd with Rod, Rod and Staff, Psalms 23, Shepherding toolsWhile reading the book I was thinking of this picture of a shepherd that I took while I was in Turkey last year. You can read more about this picture in my post: Thy Rod or Thy Staff?

Flock of Sheep, Turkey, Shepherds in the Field, Rod and Staff, Psalm 23I also had this image of a flock of sheep in my mind as I read the book.

With the completion of this book I now have only nine books left in my Newbery Challenge.

Next up is Bhimsa, The Dancing Bear by Christine Weston.



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