Toronto Zoo

A review of my day at the Toronto Zoo.

A long, fun, tiring day.


Today I visited the Toronto Zoo. One of my new goals in traveling is to visit more zoos. In the last ten years I have visited zoos in Sydney, Mysore, Singapore, San Diego and Omaha.

You get some great photo opportunities at zoos, not only for animals but also for flowers and plants.

One of my colleagues picked me up at the hotel this morning. She was unable to visit the zoo with me, but still wanted to make sure that I got there OK. She even packed me a nutritious lunch. It is great to have appreciative students.

I spent the day wandering through the zoo, which is spread out over more than 700 acres. They have some great animals, and interpretive centers. They also have a good mix of indoor and outdoor venues, which is important for the climate. Luckily the weather was nice, although we did have a few raindrops and it was a bit muggy from an early morning shower.

I would not venture a guess as to how many miles I walked today, but definitely got my exercise in for the day.

I will post some pictures next week of some of the animals. For now, here is a list of some of my favorites. Elephants, rhinos, white lions, Grizzly bears, tigers, butterflies and some great birds, some of which I have never seen before.

One of the regions of the zoo was closed as they are constructing new habitat for Giant Pandas that they will be receiving next year in May. When I visit Toronto again, I will have another reason to visit the zoo. Of course, even without the pandas, I would recommend a visit to the Toronto Zoo.

My favorite zoo still remains the Henry Doorly Zoo, but the Toronto Zoo is not far down the list.


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12 Responses to Toronto Zoo

  1. Stacy Jobe says:

    I grew up going to the San Diego Zoo (in the days when it was free to the children of San Diego). Next time you are down there try out their Wild Animal Park in Escondido. The people are in the “cage” and the animals roam “free.”

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