Cherry Juice II

Some of you may remember my original Cherry Juice post. After returning from a trip to Turkey last year I hunted for a good cherry juice here in California.

Cherry Juice, Visne Juice, Cappadocia, Tart Cherry Juice, sour cherry juiceHere is one of the cherry juices from Turkey.

I can say that I recently found some good cherry juice, but not in California. I found it while in Germany. Of course,  from travels there in the past I knew I would find some there.

Cherry Juice, Germany, Sauerkirsch, Fruit JuicesEveryday outside my classroom there were bottles of fruit juices for us to drink during our breaks. Included was this wonderful Sauerkirsch, which is a sour or tart cherry juice.

Sauerkirsch, Durstloscher, Albi, Germany, Cherry Juice, Sour CherryThe word Durstlöscher means quencher, so in this context would be thirst quencher. I always enjoyed drinking my Sauerkirsch during breaks or before class. It definitely quenched my thirst. They did have other fruit juices that I would drink, but this was my favorite.

Kiba, Cherry and Banana, Sauerkirsch, Cherry JuiceIn the evenings with my meal I would sometimes have kiba which is a mixture of cherry juice and banana juice. This is a great combination. Here you will often see strawberry and banana together, but I am not sure if I have seen cherry and banana juice together outside of Germany.

Bannana, Cherry, Kiba, Germany, Drink, Roter HirschHere is a better picture of kiba that I took on a previous trip to Germany. I really like it if you can see the boundaries between the two juices. This picture was taken at Roter Hirsch which is an Old Restaurant in the city of Jena. Click on the link to find out how old the restaurant is. It will surprise you.

Now I have a thirst for a good sour cherry juice and nothing to truly satisfy it. Maybe I need to get back to Jena soon 🙂



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