Images for Sunday II

Tonight I have been working on my presentation for Sunday morning class.

This week we are covering the Gibeonites. You will probably remember the account about how they disguised themselves as travelers from afar and made a treaty with Joshua and the Israelites.

I will not be retelling the entire account in this post. However, I will share a few of the images that I will be using in the morning. I will also share links to some of the posts where I have used the images in the past.

Gibeonite Deception - Gibeon Israel - Joshua - Nebi Samwil - Conquest of IsraelHere is a picture of the ruins of Gibeon. I took this picture from Nebi Samwil.

You can read more in Unfolding History and The Gibeonite Deception.

The Gibeonite Deception led to a battle with five kings from the south. The battle happened on The Day the Sun Stood Still.

In my class tomorrow I will share pictures of some of the sites associated with the battle.

Azeka, Battle of the Long Day, Elah ValleyHere is Azekah which guards the entrance to the Elah Valley. You may know that the Elah Valley is where David defeated Goliath. See: Goliath of Gath

Tel Burna - Archaeology - Tel Burna Excavation - Dig Season - Shephelah - Libna?Tel Burna is thought to be Libna. I used this picture in my post The Shephelah.

Tel Lachish, David Ussushkin, City Gate, 3rd Expedition to Lachish, 4th expedition to LachishAfter Joshua defeated Libnah he headed on south to Lachish. Of course, this is the site that I know the best as I spent two weeks digging there this summer.

Middle Bronze Gate, Gezer, Caananite Gate, Fortification SystemThe King of Gezer came up to help Lachish while Joshua was attacking. While in Israel this summer I visited Gezer. Here is a picture of the Bronze Age gates at Gezer. I can just image the army of Gezer coming out the gate as they headed south to Lachish.

From Lachish Joshua continued on to Eglon and Hebron, but I don’t have pictures from either of these places.

It was a long day, but a day that was very successful for the Israelites.

Now if I can remember everything for my class tomorrow 🙂


p.s. For the previous post see: Images for Sunday

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