September 11 Memories

Today I took one of my remaining floating holidays. I usually try not to work on September 11 as it is a day that is filled with memories. It is difficult to stay focused, especially if I have to teach a class.

My memories differ from many of my friends as the major events of the day had all unfolded before I even heard about them. I was also out of the country during the days immediately following so I saw the news from a different viewpoint. You can read about my experiences in my post Remembering September 11.

I started out my day by taking a trip downtown to get my hair cut. The hair salon is across the street from the administration building of the Fire Department, so I was able to get some pictures of The Firefighter statue.

Tracy Firefighter, Tracy California, Sculpture, Lawrence NobleOne of the many memories that people have of September 11 are the many firefighters that were lost in the line of duty that day.

half-staff, Flag, Fire Department, September 11The flag at the administration building was flying at half-staff. Each year the President issues a proclamation stating that the flag be flown at half-staff on September 11.

Tracy Firefighter, Tracy California, Sculpture, Lawrence NobleHere is another view of the sculpture of The Firefighter.

It was too early to go to the library, so I went back home and took a nice long walk. The temperatures were rising quickly and near the end of the walk I was wishing that I had not walked as far on the outward journey.

I then took it easy doing some reading and also taking care of a few chores around the house. I was able to finish up another of my library books before heading off to the library in the early afternoon.

Flag at Half-Staff, Tracy, Library, Patriot Day, September 11The flag at the library was also flying at half-staff in memory of September 11.

I returned a couple of books and picked up some that I had requested from other libraries. When I finish reading the books that I picked up I will only have 20 left in my Newbery Challenge.

A quiet day for me today, but one filled with memories.



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