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Dogs and Cats

Just a quick post tonight. Here are some pictures of dogs and cats.

Great Dane, Large Dog, Buenos Aires, ArgentinaLook at the size of this Great Dane. This was from a long ago trip to Argentina.

Guard and Dogs - Simon the Stylites the younger - Monastery - Closed Archaeology site - TurkeyHere is another memory. These two dogs belong to a man who was guarding an archaeological site in Turkey that we were trying to visit. Unfortunately, we did not get to see what we were there for.

Pat, Long Hair Chihuahua, Family Dog, National Dog DayHere is my childhood friend Pat. She was such a good dog.

Kedma Village, White Cat, Israel, Two Color of EyesNow on to a few cats. This cat was a resident of Kedma Village which is where I stayed during my first archaeological dig in Israel.

What do you notice about this cat?

Cat - Feline - Cat Eyes - Tarragon the Cat - KittyHere is my friend Tarragon. I always enjoy visiting my friends at the orchard as I get to see my favorite cat. Tarragon will follow me around while I take pictures.

dog with cats, Pat, My dog, National Dog DayOK, one more picture that includes both dogs and cats.

Here is Pat with some of the cats that we had when we lived in Ashland, Kansas.

I am now trying to remember the names of the cats. The only one I can remember is Midnight which was the black cat.

Now for some sleep.


Shy Little Kittens

Today at the orchard I was able to observe some shy little kittens.

The kittens were very adorable, but you couldn’t get close to them. Instead, I had to take pictures from afar.

Shy Kitten, Little kittens, Barn kittens, orchard, barn, farmI was sitting about 15 feet away from the kittens who were peeking out of a door in the garage.

The shadows of the garage made a great contrast to the bright sunlight outside.

While sitting there, I had the Barnyard Dog and Tarragon the Cat both come to me for some attention.

Shy Kitten, Little kittens, Barn kittens, orchard, barn, farmEven the mother of the kittens came to sit by me and get petted and scratched behind the ears.

The mother of the kittens looks very young.

Shy Kitten, Little kittens, Barn kittens, orchard, barn, farmThe kittens did pay attention some attention to me. Here you can see one of the three kittens looking straight at me.

Shy Kitten, Little kittens, Barn kittens, orchard, barn, farmNow there are two kittens looking out of the shadows. They look so cute.

Shy Kitten, Little kittens, Barn kittens, orchard, barn, farmI really like this picture. The little kitten is so cute. I really like the fur pattern of the kittens. I just wanted to pick them up and play with them. However, they would not let anyone near them.

They were soon scared away by the orchard handy-man. I was hoping they would reappear, but no luck. I then decided it was time for a Sunday afternoon nap.