Newbery Challenge Update IX

I am on a roll again toward finishing my Newbery Challenge.

newberry challenge, newbery books, newbery Honor books, book awardsThis week I achieved another milestone. I now have only ten percent of the books left to read. I will have trouble getting a few of them, but I am hoping that my local librarian will be able to help.

Since my last update I have finished four more books. See: Newbery Challenge Update VIII

Shadrach, Newbery Honor book, Newbery books, Meindert dejongShadrach by Meindert DeJong was a Newbery runner-up in 1954. The book tells a great story of a little boy who wants a rabbit. DeJong has wonderful characters and is a great story teller. I also like the name that the little boy chose for his rabbit. There is also the recurring joke of Shadrach, Meshach and to bed we go.

DeJong was a multiple Newbery honoree. He was also honored for Hurry Home, Candy, Along Came a Dog, The House of Sixty Fathers and The Wheel on the School.

The Silver Pencil, Alice Dalgliesh, Puffin Newbery, Newbery Honor Book, LiteratureThe Silver Pencil by Alice Dalgliesh was a runner-up in 1945.

I liked this story that was loosely based on the life of the author. However, it is not my favorite of her books.

Dalgliesh was also honored for The Courage of Sarah Noble and The Bears of Hemlock Mountain.

My favorite is the book about Sarah Noble. Click on the link above to read a post that I wrote about the book.

Minn of the Mississippi, Holling Clancy Holling, Newbery Honor book, Snapping TurtleI really enjoyed reading Minn of the Mississippi by Holling Clancy Holling. I was also surprised when I went on line to request the book. It was available in my local library system. I thought I had double-checked all the books that were left in my challenge to see if they were available in our county system. This book was a runner-up in 1952.

This book was a wonderful story of a turtle that is born at the source of the Mississippi and slowly works down the river throughout her life. As Minn travels down the river we learn about the history of the river. The author also talks about the geography and natural history of the Mississippi River and also what lies buried along the way due to human interaction. Great descriptions of wrecked modes of transportation and historical artifacts.

Holling was also the author of Seabird which was a runner-up in 1949. Seabird was also a wonderful adventure tale.

Justin Morgan Had A Horse, marguerite Henry, Newbery Honor Book, Historical Fiction, Morgan HorseJustin Morgan Had a Horse by Marguerite Henry was a runner-up in 1946. The book tells the story of the progenitor of the Morgan horse. The book is definitely Historical Fiction and not a biography or history as there are major departures from the true history of the Morgan horse. However, the book tells a great story.

Marguerite Henry won a Newbery Medal for King of the Wind in 1949 and was also honored for Misty of Chincoteague in 1948.

Many of the books that I have left to read in the challenge are Historical Fiction and I am really looking forward to some of them. I have just started reading a book that is about the journey of the founders of the Plymouth Colony. Look for more about it and other books soon in the next update.


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