Around the Westin

While teaching my class here in Toronto I am staying at the Westin Prince Hotel. I really like the look of the hotel and the surrounding grounds.

Tonight I decided to share a few pictures.

Flower Clock, Westin Prince Hotel, Toronto, Canada, FlowersI was hoping to share the spring colors of the flower clock that is in front of the hotel. However, the clock does not have any flowers. I am so used to the early spring in California that I didn’t realize that they may not have planted flowers here yet.

The doorman used to work in landscaping and said that they don’t plant flowers until the end of May when the last chance of frost is passed.

I was hoping to compare the spring colors to the fall colors that I have seen before. See my post Westin Wanderings for a picture of the flower clock when it actually has flowers. Hopefully it will have flowers by the end of the week when I leave.

Trees, Silhouette, Moon, Westin Prince, Toronto, Canada

I took this picture as I was walking to a restaurant for dinner. I like the silhouette of the trees and the half moon in the sky. There are a lot of trees surrounding the hotel.

Westin Prince Hotel, Toronto, Canada, Tim Hortons, BreakfastThere is a Tim Hortons very close to the hotel, and each morning I walk there to have breakfast. I cannot justify eating the expensive breakfast at the hotel and since I am in Canada I can get my Tim Hortons fix.

Westin Prince Hotel, Hotel Entrance, Japanese Gate, Driveway, Toronto CanadaThe Westin Prince has Japanese architectural touches in several areas, including the entrance gate to the driveway. The hotel also has a Japanese restaurant. The hotel originally opened in 1974 as the Prince Hotel and was the first property outside of Japan for Prince Hotels.

Westin Prince Hotel, Toronto, CanadaI enjoy staying at the Westin Prince as the employs are always friendly. It was nice to be greeted on Sunday night when I arrived by a doorman who has been working for the hotel since it opened 41 years ago.

For more pictures from the Westin Prince visit my post Canada Goose. You will also see another picture of the flower clock in the post.


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