Toronto Sunset II

Last August while I was here in Toronto I shared some sunset pictures in my post Toronto Sunset.

This evening I will share a similar set of pictures.

Cloudy Sky, Thunderstorms, Toronto, CanadaAs I left the office after class today the sky was dark and ominous. The wind was picking up and it felt like it was going to rain. However, the rain never materialized.

I knew that a sky like this would possibly lead to a nice sunset so I kept my eye on the sky this evening after I returned from dinner.

Toronto Sunset, North York, Sunset, Red Sky, Skyline sunsetThe sun started to drop below the upper clouds and the lower cloud layers started to glow.

Toronto Sunset, Reflection, Westin Prince, HotelThis is an interesting picture to me. My room is on the northeast corner of the hotel so the window facing east was reflecting the sunset into the room. This picture is taken through the window to the east and the sunset is just a reflection.

Here you can see that the sun has dropped below the clouds and is slipping below the skyline.

Toronto Canada sunset, Colorful Sky, Skyline SunsetHere the clouds are reflecting the sun after it has dropped below the horizon. I really like the color in the clouds.

Nice Sunset, Toronto, Canada, SkylineHere is one last look at the beautiful sunset. The color was so intense and I really like the silhouettes of the skyline.

I compared these pictures to the ones from last August and it is interesting to see how much further north the sun was tonight.

Which is your favorite picture?


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