Signs of Spring II

Spring is still almost three weeks away, but there are definitely signs that spring is on the way here in California.

Last year I wrote a post about Cornelian Cherry blossoms that I saw in Seoul. I titled the post Signs of Spring. You can click on the link to see the beautiful yellow blossoms.

March Rose Bud - Signs of Spring - First Rose BudsI took a look at my rose bushes this morning when I went out to pick up my newspaper. I saw that they already had small buds appearing. Later I took my New Camera out to get some pictures.

A strong wind was blowing but I was able to get a couple of good pictures when it calmed down. I also learned a little bit about how to use my new camera.

Spring Leaves - Blossoms to Leaves - Trees - Green and Red LeavesWhat a difference a week made in the two trees on the east side of my house. Both my tree and the neighbors were full of blossoms. Mine with white and the neighbors with pink. You can see a picture in my post: Home to Winter?

Today the blossoms were mostly gone and my tree is starting to fill in with green leaves and the neighbors with dark red leaves. I like this colorful pictures.

Tree with blossoms - Tracy, CA - Library Tree - Park - Signs of SpringThis afternoon I went to the library, which is part of my Saturday routine.

When I got to the library I saw this beautiful tree and just had to take a picture.

This picture is taken without any zoom. I decided to check out the zoom on my camera and see how well it worked.

Tree with White Blossoms - Blue Sky/White Blossoms - Signs of Spring I stood in the same place and set the camera at the maximum optical zoom. We are a bit closer in this picture and can really see the clusters of blossoms.

White Blossoms - Blossom Cluster - Maximum Zoom - New Camera ExperimentThen it was time for maximum digital zoom. I zoomed in on one cluster of blossoms and you can clearly see the detail in each of the blossoms.

Then it was off to the mall to buy a new suit, a snack at the Target Cafe and a bit of shopping.

When do Signs of Spring appear where you live?




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6 Responses to Signs of Spring II

  1. Sheryl says:

    hmm. . this is a difficult question. There aren’t many signs of spring here yet. I guess that one sign is that the days are getting longer.

  2. Keith Wolstenholme says:

    I’d like to comment on your beard picture. I am of English, Scotch Irish, and Pennsylvania German ancestry. I have often wondered which contributes most to my type of facial hair. Your beard looks almost identical to mine. The dark hair going down from the mustache through the white beard has to be a specific genetic type. Just wondering if you have a clue as to why my beard is so much like yours but so different from others.

    • vanbraman says:

      Keith, it may be a mixture of the Scotch Irish and Pennsylvania German. You ancestry is very similar to mine. I also have Dutch ancestry. I am 1/4 Amish from my mother’s side of the family, but also have Pennsylvania German in several branches of my Dad’s family. I think the white beards are more from the Scotch/Irish. Perhaps the pattern of color loss comes from the Pennsylvania German. You now have my mind wandering. The beards on my Dad’s side of the family are mainly white. See my post on Irish Heritage:

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