Mister Lincoln Rose II

In my Saturday Wanderings II post from last week I had mentioned that I visited the nursery looking for a Mister Lincoln rose bush.

I had wanted to buy the rose bush on Valentine’s Day, but it had to be ordered as they didn’t have one in stock.

Marquand Gardens, Nursery, M&M Building Supply, Spring PlantingI got a phone call yesterday from the owner of Marquand Gardens letting me know that his shipment of rose bushes had come in. I had already planned on taking a day off from work today, so I was able to pick it up on my day off.

Mister Lincoln Rose Bush, Rose Bush, Spring Planting, Marquand GardensHere is the rose bush that I picked out. You can see that it is already leafing out. I had four bushes to choose from and I spent some time looking to see which one had the best shape for where I was planting it.

Mister Lincoln Rose, Weeks Roses, Swim, Weeks, RosesHere is the rose bush right next to where I planted it. I used to have a nice large bush planted here, but it died several years ago and I had not replaced it with anything. I was glad that I had the spot for my Mr. Lincoln rose.

Digging Hole, Planting Rose, Rose BushI got out my shovel to dig a hole to plant the rose in. I also had to remove the nice grass that was growing there. I started digging the hole and soon ran into an obstacle.

Piece of concrete, construction waste, flower bedI was getting a bit frustrated as I dug the hole as I hit concrete about six inches under the surface. I enlarged the hole and found that although it was only a piece of concrete it was pretty big. I was able to get under the edge and dig it out.

I also found several large nails and other construction debris in the hole. They definitely did not clean up very well around the house before spreading the topsoil and landscaping. This is not the first place I have run into construction debris.

Planting Rose Bush, Hole, Mister Lincoln RoseFinally the hole was ready for the rose bush. I removed it from the pot and lowered it into the hole and filled the rest of the hole with dirt.

Mister Lincoln Rose Bush, Weeks Roses, Hybrid Tea, Swim, WeeksHere is the Mister Lincoln rose bush in the ground and ready to grow. I am sure that you will see more pictures of this rose bush in the months to come.

To learn more about why I bought a Mister Lincoln rose bush, visit my post Mister Lincoln Rose.

I mention in the post that the rose was developed by Herbert C. Swim and O.L. Weeks. This rose bush came from Weeks Roses.

I also found out that the parentage of the Mister Lincoln rose is a cross between Chrysler Imperial and Charles Mallerin.

Mister Lincoln was an All American Rose selection in 1965. The Chrysler Imperial won the same award in 1953. The parentage of the Chrysler Imperial rose are Charlotte Armstrong which was a selection in 1941 and Mirandy which was selected in 1945.

You can see that the Mister Lincoln rose has a winning pedigree.

I am looking forward to seeing blooms later this year.


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