Triple Digits Again

I was looking back and found a post that I wrote in 2015 when we had a September heat wave. This year the heat wave is much longer and much hotter than it was then. I have been keeping cool and not concentrating on what to write tonight, so thought I would share what I wrote back then.

Today we had record power usage at the peak of the day. Fortunately it looks like today is the peak of the heat wave at 112 degrees, but we still have several days of triple digit heat ahead of us before it finally cools to a high in the 90’s over the weekend.


Triple Triple Heat – 9/10/15

We have had a mini heat wave where tomorrow will be the third straight day of triple digit heat. Luckily we cool back down into the mid 90’s on Saturday.

The triple digit heat has not been good to my roses.

Rose Bud, Mister Lincoln, Red RoseEarlier in the week I took this picture of a beautiful rose bud on my Mister Lincoln Rose bush.

You can see just a little bit of heat damage, but it looks nice and fresh.

Red Rose Bud, Mister Lincoln Rose The next morning the rose bud had opened a bit more and could also see a little more heat damage on the fragile petals.

Mister Lincoln Rose, Heat Damage, Roses, Red RosesThis morning the rose had opened almost all the way and there was heat damage on most of the petals from the triple digit heat yesterday.

Mister Lincoln Rose, Roses, Heat, Triple Digit HeatHere is another picture from a different angle. You can see that the rose is almost fully opened.

Heat Damaged Roses, Red Roses, Mister LincolnIn this picture the rose that I have been following is the one in the upper right corner. You can see that the hot weather has really affected the bloom.

Tomorrow morning the roses will be pretty much dried out petals, but another rose bud is slowly starting to open.

I have been giving this bush extra water (see Water Saving Tips) since it is new this year, but still the blooms are drying out quickly.

I am taking tomorrow off of work since September 11 is usually an emotional day for me. I like to spend time alone and reflect on how things changed that day. It will be a nice day to stay inside in the cool.



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