May Roses

Tonight I will just share a few pictures from my rose bushes.

The weekend has been busy with a memorial service for my friend Oliver yesterday and then helping a friend move today.

I will start with two pictures from my St. Patrick rose bush.

St. Patrick Rose Bush, Dried Rose, Parchment Rose, Drought RoseThe first picture is of a dried out rose bloom. I will often get roses like this on my St. Patrick rose bush, especially after a few hot windy days in a row. The roses will basically dry out during the opening process. Since I am not watering as much because of the drought, I am seeing more of these this year.

However, I really like the look of these roses. They look like they are made of parchment. No need to dry these roses to save them, although I have never saved any of them. Perhaps I should save some this year.

St. Patrick Rose, Rose Bush, Yellow Rose, Rose BloomHere is another bloom on the same bush that hasn’t dried out. I really like the beautiful yellow color and the green tinge on the outer petals of the bloom.

Mister Lincoln Rose, Rose Bush, Red Rose, Beautiful RoseMy first bloom on my Mister Lincoln rose bush is starting to open. I thought about writing another post in my Mister Lincoln Rose series, but decided I will wait to get a picture of a fully open rose.

Mister Lincoln Rose, Rose Bush, Red Rose, Fragrant Rose, First RoseThe first Mister Lincoln picture above was taken on Thursday, Here is a picture that I took this morning as I left for church services. The bloom is slowly opening.

Mister Lincoln Rose, Rose Bush, Red Rose, Frangrant Rose, Rose BloomThis picture was taken when I got home this evening. It was already getting dark and the rose was in shadow, so I didn’t get the best picture.

I would imagine that the rose will be fully open either tomorrow when I leave for work or when I get home. Plus, there are a few more blooms that are opening up.

I did kneel down so that I could smell the bloom. The Mister Lincoln rose has a nice strong scent and this one had a wonderful smell.

I hope that you enjoyed my roses. I really enjoy watching them grow.



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