Mister Lincoln Rose III

Tonight I thought I would post some new pictures of my Mister Lincoln Rose.

In Mister Lincoln Rose II I posted pictures of the just planted rose bush.

Mister Lincoln Rose, Rose Bush, Red Rose, SpringThe rose bush has not grown much in the past two months, but all of a sudden it has had a growth spurt. You can see the new red leaves on the bush. Also, if you look closely you can see the first buds. I will give a closer look later in the post.

New Rose Growth, Mister Lincoln Rose Bush, Garden, RosesHere is a picture from a few days earlier that shows some of the detail of the new growth. You can definitely see that it is rapidly growing.

Rose Bud, Mister Lincoln Rose Bush, Red RoseIn this picture you can see one of the rose buds that are starting to appear. I am really looking forward to this rose bush blooming.

Rose Bud, Mister Lincoln, Rose Bush, New Growth, SpringHere is a better look at a rose bud. I will probably be taking a lot of pictures of this over the next week as it slowly gets ready to bloom.

Raindrops on Roses, Water on rose leaves, Water Droplets, Mister Lincoln RoseI also decided to take a picture of the leaves after the sprinklers were finished watering my rose garden. I really like the look of droplets on rose leaves.

Water Droplets, Mister Lincoln Rose, Roses, Bush, Rose GardenOne more picture of the droplets of water on the leaves. I really like this picture as it has some nice water drops, but also the leaves are starting to turn from red to green. Soon the leaves will be green just like the earlier ones.

I am wondering how much longer I will have to wait until I have a rose bloom on my Mister Lincoln.

I am looking forward to the strong smell of the blooms.


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5 Responses to Mister Lincoln Rose III

  1. Uncle Spike says:

    Obviously the day for our roses 🙂

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