Saturday Wanderings II

Tonight I will just share a little bit about my wanderings for the day.

Not everything went as planned for the day, but I did at least get a few things accomplished.

Looking back my day was similar to my Saturday from two weeks ago, so that is why this post is a sequel to Saturday Wanderings.

Rose Bush, Mister Lincoln, Yard WorkOne of my goals for the day was to plant a rose bush in my front yard. This picture was taken late in the day and you can see that there is not a rose bush there.

M&M Building Supply, Marquand Gardens, Roses, NurseryAfter visiting the library today I stopped by Marquand Gardens which is one of our local nurseries. I was looking for a Mister Lincoln Rose bush. Unfortunately they did not have one, but they should have one within the next week. I left my name and number and am looking forward to the phone call letting me know that the new shipment of roses have arrived.

The nursery shares their building with a cool antique store called The Owl Box. The store specializes in vintage home decor.

I then headed off to Target where they didn’t have my usual snack bar purchase, my favorite flavor of yoghurt and were also out of a few other items I was looking for.

February Blooms, Blooms and Blossoms, Pink BlossomsI was able to get a little bit of yard work done once I got home. I removed some of the spent blooms off of my roses and also did some weeding in my back yard.

The trees are also starting to blossom. My neighbor has a plum tree with beautiful pink blossoms and the first ones of the year are appearing.

Plum Blossoms, White Blossoms, Plum Tree, Spring, Blossoming TreeMy plum tree is also starting to blossom. Mine has beautiful white blossoms. The tree is not very old and last year it only had a limited amount of blossoms. This year it looks like it will be full of beautiful blossoms.

Little Bird, Spring Time, Bird in Tree, Back Yard BirdWhile weeding in my back yard I heard a little bird chirping. I am not sure what type of bird this is, but it is really pretty. I like the little bit of yellow on the chin and sides. I may have to do some research to find out exactly what species it is.

Of course, I had to take a break and take some pictures.

Breakfast, Eggs and Rice, Sunday BreakfastThen it was time for dinner. I definitely did not want to go out to eat this evening as I knew the restaurants would be full.

I have been thinking of my last trip to Canada this week as I just got approval for another trip there later this year. I remembered a nice breakfast of fried eggs and rice so that is what I made for dinner tonight. The picture is from last August, mine did not look quite as nice.

I hope everyone had a great Valentine’s Day.




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3 Responses to Saturday Wanderings II

  1. Grandpa Zeke says:

    Wonderful photo of that bird with its eye on you!

  2. Glenda McDougal says:

    Love the little bird.

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