Shanghai Picture Books

When I travel one of the items that I look for are picture books that contain images of where I am.

There is no way that I can capture the images that these books usually contain.

Shanghai Picture Book, Shanghai China, Tourist CityI will first look for a book that is put out by the city or a tourism group. They usually have a good selection of pictures that show many aspects of the city or country. They will also have a lot of dialog about the pictures.

Shanghai – A World-Famous Tourist City in China by the China Travel & Tourism Press is a good example of this type of book.

On the cover above there is a great picture of the Pudong area of Shanghai. I have been to the top of the two tallest towers in the picture. This is an older picture and the skyline today is even more impressive.

Shanghai, China, World-Famous Tourist City, China Travel and Tourism, BundThe back of the book has a great picture of the Bund which is on the opposite side of the river from Pudong. This is the historic district with many of the buildings being built by the British.

The book covers a wide range of topics including history, architecture, culture, shopping and cuisine.

Shanghai, China, Paul Harris, Photo journalism, Transition, Chinese CultureTransition Shanghai by Paul Harris was very interesting to me as it is full of pictures that show how Shanghai is transitioning into the 21st Century. The cover picture is representative of the book as it shows a mix of both old and new architecture.

In the 15 years since I first visited Shanghai I have seen many changes.

Shanghai Transition, Paul Harris, China, Culture ChangeThe back cover has a view of the Pudong area. I can tell that it was taken several years later than the picture for the first book. Every time that I go to Shanghai there is something new to see.

I really like this book as it has pictures that illustrate the every day life of the citizens of Shanghai. You get to see the mix of the old and the new and the changing culture of Shanghai.

Memories of Shanghai, Folk Photographer, Xu XixianI really like this book.

Memories of Shanghai: Thirty Years of Shanghai in the Eye of a Folk Photographer by Xu Xixian covers three decades of change in Shanghai.

The pictures are all black and white, but this is a very effective way to get the reader to focus on the details of the pictures.

The pictures show how Shanghai has changed over the years. Xixian will often show pictures of the same area taken 20 to 30 years apart to illustrate the rapidly changing culture and infrastructure of the Shanghai.

I am thinking of Shanghai tonight as I will soon be making my next trip there.

During my last trip I had trouble accessing WordPress, so I am mulling over whether to go On Hiatus or to write posts ahead of time and have them automatically post each day.

Another reason I am thinking of Shanghai is that Thursday is the Chinese New Year. I am sure that we will see and hear many New Year Fireworks here in California.


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