Saturday Wanderings

Tonight I thought I would share some of my Saturday Wanderings. I didn’t wander far from home, but did wander from task to task.

Newbery Books, Library Books, Books to LibraryOne of my first tasks of the day was to return library books. I had a bag full of Newbery winners to get back to the library. I also had about the same number to pick up at the library.

Year Tag, License Plate, DMV, RegistrationHowever, I remembered a car related task that needed to get done. Old Blue needed a new year tag for the license plate. It is hard to believe that my tags now expire in 2016. I added the new tag to the stack and also cleaned my very dirty license plate.

January Rose, Orange Rose, Yellow Rose, Rose Pruning, Winter RoseAfter my trip to the library and some shopping it was back home to do a bit more pruning on my roses. This year I took a minimalist pruning approach. Earlier this month I did the major pruning with plans on doing the fine pruning the next weekend. Unfortunately plans changed and I finally took the second step today. Since the rose bushes were already putting out new buds and even blooming I decided to only cut out dead wood and thin out and shape the bushes.

In the picture above you can see one of my beautiful January blooms.

Pruned Rose Bush, Minimalist Pruning. January RosesThis rose bush may not look like it has been pruned back, but a month ago it was about ten feet tall.

Snapshot of Moon, Almost Full MoonI also took the time to take a quick snap shot of the Almost Full Moon. The moon will not be full until Tuesday, but it is almost there.

Salmon Patties, Salmon Cakes, Corn, Mayo, Miracle WhipSince I worked in the yard today, I decided to make some nice comfort food for dinner. I have not made Salmon Patties for a long time. They didn’t hold together as well as they should have, but they tasted great.

Now to start working on my paperwork for another Once in a Blue Moon vacation.


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4 Responses to Saturday Wanderings

  1. Glenda McDougal says:

    Roses are beautiful, food looks good …

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