Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Century Old Valentine - Two Girls - Valentines Greetings - Old Cards

Tonight I decided to search through my Grandma’s Scrapbooks and see if I could find some more Valentine images.

A couple years ago I wrote a series of posts where I shared some old Valentine’s Day cards from the scrapbooks.

Century Old ValentinesValentine's Day Card, Key to Heart, Angel Babies

Century Old Valentines II

Century Old Valentines III

I searched but only found one more image. However, in close proximity to the image were some flower pictures that were probably came from either magazines or Valentine’s Day cards. These are what I will be sharing with you.

Valentine's Day Rose, Single Rose, Red Rose, Valentine's DayI like this image of a red rose bud. Definitely something that you will see a lot of on Valentine’s day. But not exactly like this one. You will see the ones with the long stems 🙂

Red Roses, Valentine's Day, Rose ArrangementHere is a nice arrangement of red roses. I am thinking about buying a red rose tomorrow, but it will be a bush to plant in my garden. I hope that the nursery has a Mister Lincoln Rose.

Rose and Butterfly, Scrapbook, Valentine's DayHere is another rose along with a little butterfly. The scan does not do the original justice. The flowers and butterfly are all embossed. I am pretty sure that this was cut from a greeting card.

Butterfly, Blossoms, Spring blooms, ScrapbookHere is another butterfly that is landing on some nice blossoms. We already have trees with blossoms on them here. I may have to take a walk and take pictures tomorrow.

This last image is sending my mind wandering to some previous posts about butterflies.

Paper Kite Butterflies, Idea leuconoe, Toronto Zoo, Maylayan Woods PavilionButterfly Picture Surprise

Paper Kite Butterflies

More Butterflies

Blue Morpho

I hope you enjoyed the roses and butterflies.


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4 Responses to Valentine’s Day

  1. arlene says:

    Lovely greeting cards. Happy hearts’ day!

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  3. Glenda McDougal says:

    So pretty …

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