Some Shadows

Tonight I will share some shadow pictures.

Earlier tonight I was thinking of one picture that I took last week, but had to have something to go with it, so shadows became the theme of my post tonight.

shadows, target, sunset, long shadows, treesI took this picture last week while getting ready to do some shopping at Target. I really like the shadows of the two big trees. If you look closely you will also see my shadow. I look really tall.

Long legs, walking, hiking, short days, evening sunWhich made me think of this picture that I used in a post titled Thanksgiving Eve Walk.

Evening Walk, Shadows, Street lightsWhich made me think of interesting shadows at night that are caused by rows of streetlights.

Tree shadows, Mexico, CoyoacanThe first image also made me think of shadows of trees on walls and I remembered this picture that I took near our office in Mexico City. It is in the beautiful neighborhood of Coyoacan.

Shadows and Reflections, Edo Castle, Gate, Moat, Tokyo, Reflection of ShadowWhich then made me think of a really cool picture I took of a shadow on a wall in Tokyo, Japan.

I used this picture in my post Tokyo Reflections.

I hope you enjoyed these shadow pictures.



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  1. excellant idea and visionary purpose.

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