Tokyo Sunset

Tonight will mainly be pictures. These pictures were all taken during a walk I took in Tokyo during my visit in December.

You can read more about the walk in my post Tokyo Reflections.

Sunset in Tokyo, Castle Moat, Edo Castle, Tatsumi-yaguaraHere is another beautiful sunset picture of the area near Tatsumi-yaguara and the Edo Castle moat.

The color of the sky was absolutely beautiful and the reflections in the moat were stunning.

Sunset in Tokyo, Castle Moat, Edo Castle, Tatsumi-yaguaraIn this picture you can see some of the Tokyo skyline silhouetted against the sky.

Sunset in Tokyo, Castle Moat, Edo Castle, Tatsumi-yaguaraThis is another of my favorites. It is very similar to the picture in Tokyo Reflections, but was taken a little bit later when it was darker.

Sunset in Tokyo, Castle Moat, Edo Castle, Tatsumi-yaguaraI really like the silhouettes of the trees in this picture, but the moat is also full of interesting reflections.

Sunset in Tokyo, Castle Moat, Edo Castle, SilhouettesAs the color in the sky faded I moved on, but did look back and saw another shot I needed to take. This picture is interesting as it has more color in the reflection in the moat than what can be seen in the sky. Here again are some fantastic silhouettes of the trees.

These pictures also make me think of my post One Last Sunset from last April. In the post there is a picture of Fuji-san at sunset.

I hope you enjoyed these sunset pictures.


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4 Responses to Tokyo Sunset

  1. These are amazing photos–the composition is spectacular, and captures the sunsets beautifully!

  2. Glenda McDougal says:

    Gorgeous sunsets!

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  4. marie sellers hollinger says:

    thanks for sharing. esp your beautiful reflections!

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