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Three Snow Scenes

I decided that it was time to start sharing some of the many holiday items that my Grandma saved for her Scrapbooks.

Thanksgiving is now over and we can now look toward the next holiday.

I am not sure if these items came from Christmas cards or whether they were just items that were cut out of magazines or newspapers. What I do know is that they are all beautiful.

Snow Scene, Village in Winter, Horse and Sleigh, Winter SceneHere we have a little village that is covered with snow. I like the little touches of red in this scene. The little red houses and the red of the horse drawn sleigh.

If you look close you can see people walking toward the church building. Perhaps they are headed there for a worship service. We also see a couple riding in the their sleigh that probably have the same destination.

Snow Scene, Village in Snow, Country Snow Scene, Little Village churchHere is another little village that is blanketed in snow. You can see that the road has seen a little bit of traffic, but no other signs of people out and about. We do see some smoke coming from the chimney of one of the houses.

The scene looks so peaceful. I can imagine sitting by the fire reading a good book before heading to bed on this cold winter night.

Village in Snow, Red buildings in Snow, Church in Snow, Winter time, ScrapbooksHere is the third snow scene. Again we have red buildings that contrast with the white snow and the dark blue night sky.

It must be really cold as you can see smoke coming from almost all the chimneys. We also have people walking to the church building. Perhaps they are heading for a Christmas Eve service.

Again it is a peaceful scene. I remember many scenes like this when I was growing up. A nice heavy snow fall seems to quiet things down except for the sound of snow plows clearing the streets. Snow days were a time to spend at home. Sometimes staying inside to keep warm, but also going out and playing with the neighborhood kids.

I am also remembering that special feeling of coming into a warm house after spending time outside in below freezing temperatures. For those of you who have never experienced this it is hard to describe.



Sleeping in a Cave

During my trip to Turkey earlier this year our tour group spent several nights in a cave hotel.

Part of our group stayed at the rustic Queens Cave Hotel in Ortahisar.

Ortahisar is in the heart of Cappadocia.

Queens Cave Hotel, Ortahisar, Turkey, Rustic HotelHere is a picture of the courtyard at the hotel. The grounds of the hotel were very well landscaped. You can see another picture of the courtyard area in my post Ankara to Cappadocia.

The room that we stayed in is on the left in the picture above. It is the one with the rectangular door. You can also see that our room was definitely carved out of the rock.

Queens Cave Hotel, Ortahisar, Cappadocia, Cave HotelOur room was very small and the two twin beds took up more than half of the floor space. I really enjoyed the rustic feel to the room. I really liked the patterns on the bead spreads and the carpet. The wood floors were also very nice.

The other rooms in the hotel were a little bit larger, but all had the same rustic theme.

Cave Hotel Bathroom, Queens Cave Hotel, Ortahisar, Cappadocia, TurkeyIn the bathroom you could really see how the room had been carved out of the unique rock structures of Cappadocia.

Queens Cave Hotel, Ortahiar, Cappadocia, Turkey, Cave HotelHere is the view from our room looking back toward the center of Ortahisar. On the left you can see the Ortahisar Castle. You can also just see the narrow road that we had to come down to get to the hotel. The majority of our group stayed at another cave hotel, and our small group had to be brought here in a small bus.

For an aerial view of our hotel you can visit my post Floating over Cappadocia. When we went on a hot air balloon ride you could see our hotel from the air.

Queens Cave Hotel, Cappadocia, Ortahisar, Cave Hotel, Night ShotThe hotel was also beautifully lit up at night. It was so peaceful at our hotel and it was almost like we were staying in the country. We could also hear dogs barking, horses neighing and in the early morning a few roosters crowing. Just down the road was a nice stable. See: Turkish Horses

Cappadocian Rock Formations, Queens Cave Hotel, Cappadocian SunriseAlso to the side of our hotel was a beautiful little valley. Here the morning sun is lighting up the unique Cappadocian rock formations. The rock formations in Cappadocia are unlike any that I had seen before. See: Cappadocian Chimneys and Cappadocian Scenery

Queens Cave Hotel, Ortahisar, Cappadocia, Turkey, Breakfast, Turkish DiningHere is where we had dinner each night and also breakfast in the morning. This is the remains of our breakfast. The sun is shining into the room and it looks very bright and inviting. In the evening the lighting was very poor and we could barely see our food.

The breakfast was really good. They had a nice selection of cheeses, olives and vegetables. There was also wonderful jams and raw honey to spread on the homemade bread. Eggs cooked to order and Turkish coffee or tea completed the meal.

If you are traveling to Cappadocia and are looking for a hotel that will make you feel like you are staying in a cave, I would definitely recommend the Queens Cave Hotel.