Museum Day

Today was a special Museum Day at the Tracy Historical Museum.

Tracy Historical Museum, Tracy California, Museum, Museum DayI stopped by on the way to the library to check out the Civil War re-enactors and the displays of Civil War items.

For more about Civil War re-enactors click on: Confederates in the Attic?

Civil War Cannon, Civil War Re-enactment, CannonOne of the first things that caught my eye was a cannon. Here we see the cannon and behind is the ammunition cart. They would have been hitched together when they moving to a new location.

The re-enactment unit that was there was the 2nd U.S. Artillery.

The cannon here is a reproduction and has a smooth bore.

Ammunition Cart, Civil War, Re-enactors, Tracy Historical MuseumHere is a better picture of the ammunition cart and you can also see a typical tent in the background.

Civil War Guns, Harpers Ferry, Civil War, Re-enactorsBy the tent was a table with some of the guns that would have been used by soldiers during the Civil War. They are definitely a lot different than what is used today.

Civil War Gun, Harpers Ferry, 1842 Harpers Ferry, .69 Calibre Smooth BoreHere is a closer look at the guns. The one with the tag has special meaning to me. It reminds me of my Great-Great Grandfather Alfred Van Duzor who fought in the Civil War and was stationed at Harper’s Ferry. He was with the 5th New York Heavy Artillery.

Tracy Historical Museum, Civil War Band, Civil War Re-enactors, HistoryThey also had a military band playing who were all dressed in Civil War era uniforms. I really enjoyed listening to them play.

I also got to see examples of the items that they used during daily life and several different uniform types.

I am glad that I caught the notice in the paper and was able to stop by the museum.

I even had a chance to put on a stovepipe hat and recite the Gettysburg Address. Maybe someday that picture will come to the light of day 🙂

Do you visit your local historical museum?



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10 Responses to Museum Day

  1. Glenda McDougal says:

    I have …

  2. The town where I live, Grimsby, was once the busiest fishing port in England and near to my house is the National Heritage Fishing Museum and I visit quite regularly!

  3. I know a few people who are reenactors and I’ve seen some of their battles. Great way to bring history to life.

  4. traceygooch says:

    I will definitely be visiting if I ever make it to California!

  5. Boomdeeadda says:

    That’s really cool. I love history. We have ‘Fort Edmonton’ in the city. It’s an exact replica of the first Fort built here on the North Saskatchewan river. It’s an all day event because there’s different area and a whole small town. You can ride a Stagecoach, watch the blacksmith, Eat at Kelly’s Saloon, Go to a general Store and all kinds of other fun things. The Character actors never break part either. It’s funny.

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