Flag Day 2022

June 14 is Flag Day so I thought I would share a few images of our flag.

California Flag - US Flag - DMV - Department of Motor Vehicles - Cloudy SkyI will start with a flag that flies above our local DMV. I always like to see the flag flying in front of our government offices.

Flag Pole in Intersection - Hamburg, IowaThis next flag is in the center of an intersection on Hamburg Main Street in the town where my father graduated from High School in Iowa.

Ashland, Kansas, parade, 4th of JulyOn Flag Day I also have memories of carrying the flag in parades while in Boy Scouts. I also have many memories of folding flags.

Ammunition Cart, Civil War, Re-enactors, Tracy Historical MuseumHere are some Civil War era flags that were being flown during a Museum Day demonstration at our local museum.

America Without Lincoln?, Editorial Cartoon, President LincolnOf course, flags are also common in editorial cartoons, especially if they are about one of our greatest presidents. I really like this editorial cartoon that is titled America Without Lincoln? Click on the link for more about the cartoon.


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