Closing in on Spring

March has come and we are closing in on the First Day of Spring.

The Vernal Equinox is only two weeks away. You can tell that spring is approaching as the trees are starting to bloom and bud.

White Blossoms, Plum Tree, Spring, Spring in CaliforniaThe tree beside my house is full of white blossoms and is slowly turning green as the leaves open up as the blossoms fall off. In just a few days the white blossoms will all be gone.

Almond Orchard, Blossoming Orchard, White Blossoms, Bees, Apiary, Bee HivesThe almond orchards have been white with blossoms. As I have driven down I-5 the last couple of weeks I have looked out over acres of orchards in bloom. It almost looks like the ground is covered with snow.

In the picture above you can see the bee hives that are essential to the production of almonds. Each year more than a million honey bee hives are used to pollinate the almond trees in California.

Peach Blossoms, Pink Blossoms, Spring BlossomsThe beautiful pink peach blossoms are also starting to appear. I really like the beautiful shades of color in a peach blossom.

Peach Blossoms, Blossoms, Spring Blossoms, Barn, TractorI really like this picture. We have more beautiful peach blossoms and you can also see that leaves are starting to emerge.

You can also see a barn and tractor in the background. You can tell that this picture was taken in the country.

Cat in Dust, Spring Fever, Kitty CatOn Sunday I was taking a walk around my friend’s orchard with my favorite cat Tarragon.

While I was taking some pictures I noticed that Tarragon was rolling around in the dirt as he enjoyed the beautiful warm sunny day. I should have taken a movie as it was really cute.

Tree Buds, Signs of Spring, Leaf BudsI also really like this picture. I like the way that these buds look like they are about ready to explode open into leaves.

There are so many Signs of Spring appearing. I am so ready for spring to finally get here.

Are you seeing Signs of Spring where you live?


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