March Special Days

March is another month that is full of special days. We don’t have any holidays where we don’t have to work, at least at my job, but there are a bunch of interesting days to celebrate.

Casa de Diego de Ordaz - Spanish Conquistador - Coyoacan - Historic Buildings - MexicoWe start out with a date that I like to joke about. Wednesday is March Forth and Conquer Day. For the last two years I have written a post for this day. See also March Forth and Conquer II.

The picture above is of a plaque on the wall of the Casa de Diego de Ordaz who was a Spanish Conquistador. He definitely marched forth and conquered.

Full Moon, Sony hand held camera, Zeiss Lens, EclipseThursday is the Full Moon and also the start of Purim. I don’t plan on writing a post about Purim this year, but maybe someday. Do you know what Purim celebrates?

Big Ben - Elizabeth Tower - Clock Tower - Most Photographed Clock - London, England - Iconic ClockNext Sunday is another special day that you need to be careful that you don’t forget about. It is the beginning of Daylight Saving Time. Don’t forget to change your clock.

For more about Daylight Saving Time, see my post: Clock Change Time

Pumpkin Pie - Pi Day - 3.14 - March 14March 14 is Pi Day. I always like significant numbers, so when it is 3/14  I have to think about pi.

Click on the link above to see different types of pie that you could enjoy to celebrate this special day.

William Leeper Family - Irish Family - Shenandoa, Iowa - Old Family PortraitSt. Patrick’s Day is of course on the 17th. I have plans to write another post about my Irish Heritage this year.

California Poppy - Spring in California - First Day of Spring - Orange PoppyOn to the 20th and the Vernal Equinox. This day marks the beginning of spring and I know that this is something many of my family and friends back in the Midwest are looking forward to. Will spring follow the calendar?

Donkey at Nazareth - Nativity Scene - Nazareth Village - Christmas - IsraelWe then skip a full week ahead to March 29 and Palm Sunday.

I am sure that most of you can make the association between Palm Sunday and the donkey in the picture above.

March 29 is also special for me as it is my Mom’s birthday. Oh, and I cannot forget my youngest brother as he was born on her birthday.

Are you ready to celebrate the special days of March?


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3 Responses to March Special Days

  1. This is a great post! I love numbers as well! I was celebrating my 13th birthday the same day my sister was 13 month old. When my sister was 12, I was 24, and my mother was 48! I really like your March “forth” day!

  2. Who knows but that you have come to your position for such a time as this?

  3. March to me will always be a 3rd grade bulletin board with a lion and a lamb on it. That impressed me so much. That and of course the Ides of March.

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