Changing Seasons

This last week has definitely felt like spring. However, the First Day of Spring is not until Sunday.

Sunday will be the day that the sun is above the equator and day and night are of equal length. Since the sun is moving north across the equator it is the  Vernal Equinox which marks the end of winter and the beginning of spring.

Spring tree, spring growth, greening trees, seasons, vernal equinoxLeaves are already starting to appear on my trees as they wake up from their winter rest.

Rose bud, aphids, garden, spring, rose bushMy rose bushes are putting out buds and will soon be in full bloom. However as is often the case they are also full of aphids.

I think that this picture looks really cool with all the tiny aphids, but know that I need to get them under control.

Lady bug, aphid control, roses, rose bush, springLuckily I do have some lady bugs in my garden, but I may need to go pick up some more from a garden center this weekend. They do a great job keeping the aphids under control.

Sunflower, spring flowers, spring, changing seasonsI took a short walk after I picked up my mail last night to take pictures of some sunflowers that are growing around the corner. I was surprised that they already had full blooms on them.

I really like sunflowers, especially since it is the state flower of Kansas where I went to High School.

Hello from snowy Iowa - Child in Snow - Little girl in snow - red scarf and mittens - playing in snowMy view of the changing seasons will get a little messed up next week as I will be in Canada. I checked the forecast and it will be much cooler and there is even a chance of snow while I am there.

However, I will not be seeing all Four Seasons in a short time as I have several times in the past when I have taken trips to the Southern Hemisphere during a change in the seasons.

Can you say that Spring has Sprung where you are?

Are you ready for spring?



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