Home Pride Update XIV – Sale Approved

Today the federal bankruptcy court judge approved the sale of the major Hostess Bread brands to Flowers Foods. This means that Home Pride, Wonder, Nature’s Pride and Butternut will soon be headed back to the shelves.

Home Pride Bread - Hostess Brands - Discontinued - Butter Top

The bids for other Hostess brands were also approved today, so if you are waiting for Twinkies and other snack cakes your wait is now getting shorter as well. Also the sale of Beefsteak Bread to Grupo Bimbo was approved.

I have not yet seen any time-lines for when our favorite brands will return, but hopefully the picture below will be one that we can look forward to soon when it comes to Home Pride bread.

Home Pride Bread - Hostess Auction - Flowers Foods - Bread Sold This picture came from an earlier post called Baking Bread, and is from Stories about Sally by Eleanor Thomas which was a Social Studies textbook used in the 1950’s.

Sliced Bread - Best Thing Since Sliced Bread - Baking Bread

Another picture from the series reminds me that I want to write a post about the beginnings of sliced bread. Do you know how long sliced bread has been available? What time frame are we referring to when we say ‘The best thing since sliced bread’?

I am hoping that Flowers Foods will release details soon about their distribution plans so that we will know when Home Pride bread will be back on our shelves.

I don’t have quite enough bread to last me until my next trip, so I decided to pick up one of my favorites of the different breads that I tested.

Roman Meal Sungrain Bread - Hostess Brands - Home Pride Replacement - Flowers Foods

I decided to pick up a loaf of Roman Meal Sungrain 100% Whole Wheat, as it is really good with tuna salad. I have enough  Roman Meal Thin Sliced Sandwich Bread for my toast for the rest of the week. I may tag team these two breads until Home Pride is available again.

Roman Meal Bread - Sandwich - Toast - Home Pride Replacement

I am hoping that when I return from my next trip I will have an idea of when I can start looking for my bread on the shelves again.


For more posts on this subject, click on Home Pride Bread.

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5 Responses to Home Pride Update XIV – Sale Approved

  1. Amy Stowe says:

    Home Pride was the only healthy grains bread without preservatives that was reasonably priced! They should advertise this for better sales next time! Please don’t change this important quality! Thank you for taking on this brand. I will be waiting to see this on the shelves soon!

  2. Michelle says:

    I haven’t had a decent piece of bread in months! Dying for a slice of Home Pride toast!

  3. Richard Jellicoe says:

    It is amazing the things we get excited about. But so long with worthless card board bread has brought us to this desperation. I can not wait for Home Pride to return….LOL

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  5. Harold says:

    I live in Tulsa, where an HP bakery shut down. Will they reactivate the bakery? Sure hope so, as I haven’t found an acceptable substitute. Just recently ate the last loaf I had in my freezer. UMMM. Harold

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